Who we are


SRC is one of EMEA’s leading scientific recruitment companies. With a small but dedicated team we offer the SRC way of working. We strive for continuous excellence and are relentless in our efforts to support those who need it.

We work with a range of clients across the EMEA region ranging from market leaders to innovative start-ups. We cover positions intended for young professionals all the way up to C-level.

Our team


Netherlands Office


Fiscal background but fully submerged into the scientific industry for nearly a decade. Strong believer of the open and direct Dutch communication style. Recruitment is a 24/7 operation therefore Bert is always reachable for clients and candidates. And with two nocturnal kids you do not need to worry you are waking him up.

Unknown fact: nearly played pro baseball but chose the recruitment life!


Germany Office

Senior Scientific Recruitment Consultant

PhD in Biology and former European Technical Support Supervisor at Agilent Genomics. Was not interested in joining another genomics company when head-hunted by Bert years ago, but instead Sevi joined the SRC ranks. A move that shook the foundations of science itself but turned out to be a great career move! Fast forward a decade and Severine is a retained recruiter by some of Biotech’s most exciting companies!
Fun fact: like most of her follow German countrymen, Severine likes spending her free time in the Netherlands but let’s be honest: who wouldn’t!


Senior Consultant Scientific Markets, Global

“Hi there! My name is Tom Hunter, Life Science Recruitment Consultant. An English & Scottish blend, but after 20+ years in The Netherlands it is safe to say that I found my home. I’m a recruiter by day, board-gamer and ambient guitarist by night. I’m also a passionate supporter of Newcastle United, not an easy task as they are a perennially underachieving club. A moral and political philosopher by degree, I got my first taste of recruiting at the British Council before meeting Bert; the rest is history!

I am a firm believer that the SRC approach to recruiting is inherently different. We pride ourselves on truly listening to both candidate and client, forging strong personal connections along the way; we’re at our best when we help you achieve your best.

Give me a call any time, I’d love to connect and see what the future holds in store!”


Consultant Scientific Markets, Global

“Ph.D. candidate in Molecular Biology, Master's in Physics, and organizer of the second largest Career Fair in France for doctoral and postdoctoral students. Always up for a new challenge, whether it's jumping out of a plane, learning cycling as an adult, or finding the right candidate in a bundle of hay. Truly loves helping companies grow and supporting talented people in building their careers.

Fun fact: inherited the ``green thumb`` from her grandma and has a proven track record of reviving plants, no matter what condition they are in!”


Meet Alex, the happy-go-lucky chap and most vivacious scientist! With a contagious laughter that can make the windows shake, Alex is a Bulgarian national who has lived in multiple countries around the world. As a cancer biologist with a PhD in 3D cultures and colon cancer, Alex specializes in genetics, sequencing, market analytics, imaging technologies, and oncology.

But that's not all - Alex is also a top-notch cook who makes the world's best spicy sauce! So if you're ever in need of a new career, a pick-me-up or a delicious meal, Alex is the person to turn to!


Scientific recruitment consultant

Hi there, my name is Andrew Ring and I am a scientific recruitment consultant with a passion for helping people find their dream job in the industry. Born and raised in Ireland, I have always been an active individual with a love for sports, especially rugby. I enjoy spending my free time on the pitch with a group of close friends. Alongside sports, I am also an avid gamer, who enjoys playing online games!

My academic background is in Information Systems, I hold a Master's degree in the field. My expertise in this area has allowed me to develop a unique understanding of the industry and its technological advancements.
Combining my personal interests with my professional knowledge, I strive to identify and match talented individuals with the ideal career path, ensuring that both our clients and candidates are satisfied.


Studied business administration major in Marketing. My IT Recruitment & Hospitality experience has led me to SRC-Search. An Asian softy with an international mindset trying to fully immerse myself in learning Dutch directness. A well-seasoned international who enjoys meeting people from all walks of life. Ready to take on the challenge of helping you build your dream team.

Fun fact:
“Grew up in the Philippines, surrounded by beautiful beaches. But don't be fooled by the tropical paradise - I'm no fish out of the water, but I sure do flop around like one when I try to swim!

But this won’t stop me from traveling to beaches and lounging on the sand.


From sunny Greece to the not-so-sunny (but equally lovely) Netherlands, and with a Master's degree in HR Studies under my belt, I have spent the past decade helping individuals realize their potential and achieve their career goals. Whether it is through recruitment and selection, training and development, we can change people's lives and help them follow their dreams.

When I'm not busy making calls to candidates and spreading the word about SRC-Search, you'll find me exploring the charming streets of Utrecht with a coffee mug in hand or hitting up the local basketball court for some serious HR slam dunking. Let's connect and grow together!


After five years in the Netherlands, from being a typical Greek who likes sun and mountains, staying inside my house in the sight of a first rain drop, I found myself on a bike during my free time fighting against wind and rain in Dutch valleys, discovering my new passion of touring!

My background in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience reflect my passion for human drives and behaviour. I am always curious to discover the world by travelling and discussing with the people around me about where life takes us. My excitement for exploring both the known and unknown, makes me appreciate what any interaction brings. For me, nothing is weird, normal, or expected when you are about to take the courage and take the next step in your career. You are always moving forward no matter how hard this is.

Don't hesitate to give me a call to talk about a better future closer to what your passions, talents, goals, or just intuition drives you.